Our main concern is your safety. That's why we only carry the best body jewelry available, made with materials of the highest quality and polished to a mirror finish.

All the jewelry used for initial piercings is made of certified implant grade materials such as ASTM F- 138 Titanium, Niobium and 18k nickel free gold.

All gemstones are set without using any kind of glue or adhesive. All synthetic gemstones are the highest quality available and are lead and foil free. We also carry a wide variety of genuine gemstones upon request.

We offer a large collection of body jewelry specially selected from the best body jewelry manufacturers in the industry. If the jewelry doesn't meet our standards you won't find it here!

If there's anything you fancy or have an idea of something special, our manufacturers can make and personalize your jewelry

as much as posible to create a one of a kind piece specially for you.