The Studio

We are very proud to be one of the best body piercing studios in the world. Members of the Association of professional Piercers for over 10 years now, we are happy to meet and exceed all safety and hygiene standards.


Our shop is designed with you in mind. With a comfy waiting area, unisex bathroom, a nice ambiance and a large selection of body jewelry for you to select on and admire while you wait to get pierced.


We take our time with each client that's why we work by appointment only and no walk-ins are allowed (for now).

We have a separate and enclosed piercing room for your own comfort and privacy. All surfaces are non-porous for proper disinfection between clients and NO other procedure is performed in the room.

All instruments, needle(s) and jewelry used to perform your piercing are sterilized right in front of you. We put a class V integrator in the cassette with your piercing setup to monitor the sterilization process so you can be confident that everything is sterilized properly.

Our autoclave is a high speed Statim 2000 cassette autoclave (one of the fastest available) and is monitored by a third party to ensure it works properly.